"Problems" is a mailing list that intends to help high school students prepare for programming contests and olympics. However, this list is open to anyone who has email access and wishes to get involved. 

    Weekly, or maybe even more often, a problem to be solved is proposed on the list. The programs that solve the problem must be coded in C language (Borland C 3.1) or Pascal language (Borland Pascal 7.0).  For additional rules that programs must obey, click here

    The moment you send a solution to a problem, you are automatically inserted in the solvers rating list. To find out how ratings are computed click here

    At the moment the language used on the list and on most of the web site is Romanian. If we get enough requests from foreign students we will switch to English. Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved by sending an e-mail to Catalin Francu, the list founder.

    Thank you for visiting us !

    List usage

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